Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ami Banglar Gan Gaai

Song title: Ami Banglar Gan Gaai
Artist : Mahmudujjaman babu 

ami bangla’i gan gai, ami bangla’r gan gai
ami amar ami’ke chirodin ei bangla’i khuje pai
ami bangla’i dekhi shopno, ami bangla’i badhi shur
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ami ei bangla’r maya bhora poth’E hetechhi etota dur.
bangla amar Jibonanondo, bangla pran’er shukh
ami ekbar dekhi, barbar dekhi, dekhi bangla’r mukh||
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aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa…
aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa.

ami bangla’i kotha koi, ami bangla’r kotha koi
ami bangla’i bhashi, bangla’i hashi, bangla’i jege roi||
ami bangla’i mati ullashe, kori bangla’i hahakar
ami shob dekhe shune khepe giye kori bangla’i chitkar.
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bangla amar dripto slogan, khipto tin-dhonuk
ami ekbar dekhi, barbar dekhi, dekhi bangla’r mukh||
aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa…|| aaa… aaa… aaa…
aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa… aaa.

ami bangla’i bhalobashi, ami bangla’ke bhalobashi
ami tar’i haat dhore shara prithibi’r manush’er kache ashi||
ami ja kichu mohan boron korechi binomro sroddhai,
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mishe tero nodi, shaat shagor’er jol gongai-padma’i.
bangla amar trishna’r jol, tripto shesh chumuk,
ami ekbar dekhi, barbar dekhi, dekhi bangla’r mukh||

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poth chola

Band : Artcell
Song Title : Poth chola

G Cadd9 G6 Cadd9 Dsus4
Amaar path chola amaar pathey
G Cadd9 G6 Cadd9 Dsus4
Jeno bela sheshey aakash kaar mohey
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Em B A
Aamar shopno aamar shathe
Cadd9 G
Jeno shopne phire ashe shopno hoye

G Cadd9 G6
Khuje pae jeeboner teer
Jibon ke kono shopno bhebe
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Aami kaar asha te
Chute Choli pothey pothey
Jeno kaar maya te
Cadd9 G6
Badha poreche jeebon je
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Koto shukh kolpona
Koto mitthey prolobhon
Koshther prothiti khon
Cadd9 Dsus4 G
Shonae taar ahoban

Chords Info :
Tune Your Guitar: Half step lower (Eb Bb Gb Db Ab Eb)

G Cadd9 G6 Cadd9 Dsus4


Friday, April 22, 2011

Bose achhi eka

Band         : Warfaze
Song Title : Boshe achhi eka

C Em
Bose achi eka
E7 Am
kacha rod bikele udash
brishti sheshe rupali akash
C Em E7 Am
meghe janalte jilmil shonali abhai
jhir jhir bohe himel batash

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Am G F G F
Shonali abhai shathe firi ami meghe meghantore
Am G F G F
Himel batashe dana meli ami dure durantore

C Em
Bose achi eka
E7 Am
kacha rod bikele udash
brishti sheshe rupali akash
C Em E7 Am
meghe janalte jilmil shonali abhai
jhir jhir bohe himel batash

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C Em Dm
Pakhira shob meteche aaj kunjobone
matal koreche eii mon
C Em
gane gane nibire aaj
pete chai ekhon
projapoti hoye firbo fule fule
tobu keno eto betha
jage mone osrudhara

Slash lauds Stoke City’s victory over Bolton Wanderers

Slash took to twitter to congratulate his hometown soccer team, Stoke City, after their convincing win over Bolton Wanderers at Wembley on Sunday 17 April.

His tweet read, “I got up to find that the Satellite channel the match was on I don’t subscribe to! But I hear Stoke won 5/zip!!”.

He later went on to confirm that he’s not going to be able to attend the final in May but will be performing a homecoming show later this year, saying “Unfortunately, won’t be able to make it to Wembley next month. But I’m definitely playing Stoke in July w/Myles & Co. R & Fn’ R! Iii|; )’”

Slash, aka Saul Hudson, spent many of his formative years in the English midlands town of Stoke-on-Trent before moving to LA aged 11.

Ami chini go chini tomare

Porjay : Prem
Song Title : Ami chini go chini tomare

C# C# Fm Fm Bbm G#
Ami Chini Go Chini To - Ma - Re
G# G# C#
Ogo Bideshi- Ni
C# C# G# B C#
Tumi Thako Sindu Pa- Re
C# C# G# C#
Ogo Bi Deshi Ni

C# C# C# Fm
Tomay Dekhechi Sarod o Prate
Fm F# F# C#
Tomay Dekhechi Madhobi Rate
C# G# C#
Tomay Dekhe Chi
C# G# C# G# G# C#
Hridi Majha- Re Ogo Bideshi- Ni

C# G# F# C#
Ami Akashe Patiya Kan
Bbm G# G# C#
Sunechi Sunechi Tomari Gaan
C# F# D#m D#m
Ami Tomare Sopechi Pran
G# G# C#
Ogo Bideshi Ni
C# C# Fm
Bhubono Bhromiya Seshe
Fm F# F# C#
Ami Esechi Nutono Deshe
C# C# G# B C#
Ami Atithi Tomari Dare Re
B B F# C#
Ogo Bi- Deshi- Ni

About Rabindrik Chord

Hello Friends, Today I added a new page to the blog from where you’ll get a special flavor of playing guitar with Tagor song. Rabindik Chord will come to you having a huge collection of Rabindra sangeet with chord. Here posting a most popular tagor song from “prem porjay”- Amaro porano jaha chay tumi tai…..
For more Chords of Rabindra sangeet visit our page “Rabindrik Chord

Porjay: Prem
Song: Amaro porano jaha chay tumi ta-e.

Amaro porano jaha chai
tumi tai tumi tai go
tmi sukho jodi nahi pao
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jao sukhero sondhane jaaaaao
tobe tmi jaha chao
tai jno pao
ami joto dukho pai go
amaro porano jaha chay
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tumi tai tumi tai go

Ami tmro birohe rohibo bilin
tmte koribo bas
dirgho diboso dirgho rojoni
dirgho boroshono mas

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tune your Guitar by Eyes!!!

Tuning a guitar is possible one of the most basic things a guitarist is expected to know, that being said, tuning using the conventional method isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a good ear.

I take this opportunity to introduce you people to the idea of tuning VISUALLY.

Sound is produced when a body vibrates, and when the body vibrates, a wave is formed. If the frequency of the wave is x Hz (Hz is the unit of frequency, 1 Hz is one vibration per second), and the body is moved from its position of rest, it will vibrate with a frequency of 1 Hz and if another body, with a natural frequency of 1 Hz is exposed to it, the body starts vibrating with a larger amplitude.

So what? What does this mean to the average guitarist?

Try this, tune your guitar using a tuner. Make sure it’s perfectly tuned (Or as perfectly as humanly possible at least). Now put the pick down for a minute. Fret the Low E string on the 5th fret. Now Push it down towards the sound hole (Around 0.3 – 0.7 cms should do it).

Like This :

Now suddenly let it go, not slowly, suddenly.

Oh. My. God! Yup, the A string (5th string) is vibrating.

So what? You didn’t want to CHECK if your guitar was in tune, you wanted to TUNE it.

Now de-tune the A string (One or two turns should do it). Now repeat what was done with the E string, push it down a bit and suddenly let go, the A string isn’t vibrating is it? Well tighten the A string a bit, repeat the pushing and releasing with the A – string. Keep doing this till the A string vibrates. Yup, your A string is now in tune if it’s vibrating.

Another thing to note would be that the string might vibrate even if it is a bit out of tune, you have to make sure that the string vibrates to the point where it is moved (or displaced, for the scientifically inclined) maximum from its position of rest, i.e. The more the string vibrates, the better in tune it is. Also, don’t forget to play both the notes at the same time to make sure it IS perfectly in tune.

To tune your D string, press the fifth fret of the A string and repeat the above procedure till the D string vibrates. Once your D string is in tune, press the fifth fret on the D string and repeat procedure until the G string vibrates. Once your G string is in tune, press the FOURTH fret of the G string and repeat procedure till the B string vibrates. Once your B string is in tune, press the fifth fret of the B string and repeat procedure till the high E string vibrates.

E |----------------------------0--|
B |--------------------0-------5--|
G |--------------------4----------|
D |-----------0-------------------|
A |--0--------5-------------------|
E |--5----------------------------|

The note ringing when playing the 5th fret low E string is the same as open A string.
The note ringing when playing the 5th fret A string is the same as open D string.
The note ringing when playing the 5th fret D string is the same as open G string.
The note ringing when playing the 4th fret G string is the same as open B string.
The note ringing when playing the 5th fret B string is the same as open high E string.

And whenever the same notes are played, all other fretted strings which would play the same note would vibrate. Example, on fretting and playing the 5th fret of the low E string the above mentioned way, the open A string vibrates. This method works best when attempting to make open strings resonate (vibrate), example, on playing the 7th fret A string, some of you would notice that the low E string does not vibrate, but this method will almost definitely work for having open strings vibrate.

Remember, to tune, we need a reference note; this isn’t as hard as it seems to some. Just try and remember a song whose first note is an E (NOT chord, NOTE). Tune your E string to that note. Now do as written above. I find that “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica works well for me.

However, if you are playing alone, you would be well off in “Relative tune” which means that the guitar strings are in tune with each other, however if you wish to play with others; you will most likely need a reference note. And it is advised to always be in tune to other instruments as well so as to develop a good ear.  

Tune the guitar by ear

Hi friends I'm posting my  First tutorial for the beginner. Tuneup is the most important & difficult part before starting plying guitar. Some it makes the player annoyed. But every player should handle it with a clear knowledge.
If you're not perfectly in tune, you're missing out on the whole experience. When the notes of a chord are played together, the result should be one full sound that stands on it's own. This is what happens when you are in perfect tune. There are two tools you can use when tuning your guitar. One is an electronic tuner, the other is your ear. Tuning by ear is far more important because you must be able to recognize different pitches in sound. This is essential to being a musician. Ear training takes time. Don't get discouraged because you can't tune by ear in a week. Your brain needs to get familiar with the notes in music. I want to share a few different ways to tune your guitar.

The first is the most standard. It entails matching the notes on the adjacent strings as follows:

  • 6th string, 5th fret and 5th string open
  • 5th string, 5th fret and 4th string open
  • 4th string, 5th fret and 3rd string open
  • 3rd string, 4th fret and 2nd string open
  • 2nd string, 5th fret and 1st string open

In this method, you are matching the notes exactly to get the proper tuning. The notes are the same in pitch. If you're off on one of the strings, the rest of them will be out of tune also, so be careful. Another way to tune is by octaves. An octave is the interval between two notes with the same name. If you played the C major scale: C D E F G A B C, the two C's are one octave apart. You can tune with octaves as follows:

  • 6th string open and 5th string, 7th fret
  • 5th string open and 4th string, 7th fret
  • 4th string open and 3rd string, 7th fret
  • 3rd string open and 2nd string, 8th fret
  • 2nd string open and 1st string, 7th fret

By now you're probably wondering, "What about the tuning of the 6th string?" Good point. When you tune the rest of the strings from the 6th, it's called "Relative Tuning." Although you may not be in tune with a piano, you will be in tune with yourself and that's fine for practicing. If you want to be in "Concert Pitch," you will either need to tune from another instrument or from a pitch pipe. I recommend that you get a pitch pipe. It's good for ear training and it's easier to carry around than a piano!

Yet another way that I will tune is by simply using chords. Once you know how they are supposed to sound, they become very handy in tuning. I prefer starting with E major, then I play a G major and tweak it a little if necessary. Then D major. All three are the open position chords at the top of the neck. I guarantee you'll be amazed at how great a perfectly tuned guitar will sound! After all, there is really no other alternative!

Me & My blog

I did not enter the guitar world up to the time. Classical song was my first attraction. There was no niggardliness for listing & singing that type of song. But High pitch vocal, Blood pumping Drum bit and First played Guitar can not be allowed to the brain. Excepting Rabindra, Najrul, Country or Classical modern song I listened song of Nachiketa, Anjan & Suman a lot. The bell rang in the brain hearing tung-tang sound of Anjan’s guitar. ‘Gaanwala’ Suman sung song before me when I closed my eyes. ‘Nachi babu’ from Dhormotola... Oh no... I can't say how many times he gave me his guitar to play....
These dreams I saw may be for the reason of I loved it. Though I don’t know yet how the guitar plays. So what? How much time is needed to know that? Just let me buy a guitar; let me spend some times for stirring then I’ll also be able to play like them....!
I bought a Fendar. Tried to play as I thought but NOoooo.....
It wasn’t such easy as I thought. After some days I started my journey to learn The Guitar....

I'll share about the story of my study life once next. Now say something about you.....
Were you such a mad like me or more?
How much you love your guitar?
Can you play very well or till learning how to pick the string like me?
Whoever you are, you are most welcome to our blog. Let's start our journey with the rock generation...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's start our journey...

Hi Friends. Me is a absolute pagol for the Guitar. It made me actual mad. I'm still learning how to pick the string. I think every guitar Lover/Player are mad for it. so i choose the name "Guitar-Pagol" of this Blog. I opened it to share my experiences with you or others also want your Mitha/Tita experience with a clear discussion about playing guitar.
I'll post Chords & Lyrics, also technique, tips & tricks about playing Guitar, collecting from the famous guitarist of BD or World.

Keep connected with us.